HTTP me!

HTTP me is a tiny express app initally designed to replicate the features of being a convenient server that you can use to trigger a certain HTTP response behaviour.

As a Glitch project, you can remix this and customize it however you want! View the source code here.


Request any path you like, as long as it is not / (which produces this page). Most directives can be duplicated or combined, and can be specified in multiple ways. If directives are mutually exclusive, those specified later take priority, and path segments take priority over query args, which take priority over headers.

Directives that prolong the response are not subject to individual limits, but the response will be aborted after 30 seconds.

Path segments

Any directive that does not require a value can be specified as a path segment. This returns the current time


Query string

Add directives to the query string:



Add directives as request headers, prefixed with HM-:

HM-Wait: 2000
HM-Status: 500


The following directives are available:

The following content directives are mutually exclusive. Only one will be honoured.